Coppertone believed to be one of the only Professional  "Surfing Dachshunds" has been a huge part of the "Surf Dawg" community. Coppertone is 3 year old miniature dachshund. Coppertone was near death when she was rescued as a puppy. Her vet felt she would not survive. But with tons of love  and with her strong will to live she survived.  Coppertone has been surfing since a puppy, rescued by a surfing family. Although, believed to be one of the World's "smallest" Professional Surfing Dog, Coppertone has no fear taking on  any "RUFF" waves. Coppertone has hit the surf scene like a "TidalWave". Coppertone won the honor of Best new surf dog" GROMUTT" and has won or placed in every contest she has been in. Coppertone has been featured in 100's of articles and videos Worldwide. Coppertone is believed to be one of the best small surfing dogs in the Pro Dog Circuit. 

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world !!

Coppertone a miniature Dachshund is believed to be one of the World's Smallest Pro Surfin' Dawgz!.

A Star is Born

When the surf is down Coppertone enjoys riding her Harley Davidson, Jet Skiing, modeling, snow boarding, skateboarding and barking up the hot surf Dudes !

Coppertone was born on the California Coast. Ditching obedience class any chance she got to catch gnarly waves.


On The Shore

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